Air and Sea Show a Flying Success

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photo 55 292x300 Air and Sea Show a Flying SuccessThe start today was rain and bad thunderstorms. All I could think was, there goes our plans for the Air and Sea show. We were up at 5am this morning, my husband took the dogs out and saw all the clouds outside, minutes later, lightening appear and then came the thunder. That woke the kids up and we just looked at each other and said oh wells.

Couple hours later the storms started to pass and an update on Facebook said they were going ahead with the show. So we packed up and went. Found the perfect spot. Most people were charging anywhere from $15 to $20 dollars to park, even the Gallera Mall was charging $20. We drove around and we found a street with plenty of parking and no one charging! Yes we thought to each other!

We had to walk over the bridge since its the farthest we could go, because it was blocked off. We took the beach umbrella and the regular one, since the clouds were out in full. Took some time to find a spot to sit and watch the show, since we got there at 12pm right at the start of the show.

There were plenty booths, selling food and drinks, model air planes, army and navy apperal. Ford cars was there, if you filled out one of the slips you were entered to win one of the cars there, plus they handed out binoculars.

We were there for at least 2 hours, then the rain starting to come. We started to leave but got to see more of the show as we were walking to the car. Still was great!IMG 0999 300x225 Air and Sea Show a Flying Success

If you were not able to make it out today, I hope you can make it tomorrow. If you still can’t make it out, I hope you enjoy these small clips I was able to get. Those plans are fast, and sometimes was not sure which way they were coming!

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Jeannette Neerpat, CDPE, e-Pro
Better Homes
7727 NW 79th St
Tamarac, Fl 33321

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