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Round and Round we go!

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Sunny watching a mini remote control car round and round it goes. I made this video with Vibop. http:\www.vibop.com

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Going home with a Life Vest

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Wel l its finally time! My sister gets to go home, but not without a Life Vest. I have spoken with a few people and have said she needs to go home with one, and everyone I have spoken with has asked me the very same question : “What is a Life Vest?”

imagesCA7X6Q96 150x150 Going home with a Life VestWhat is a Life Vest?

In a nut shell, its a wearable defibrillator is worn by patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), providing protection during their changing condition and while permanent SCA risk has not been established.  The LifeVest allows a patient’s physician time to assess their long-term arrhythmic risk and make appropriate plans.

Because the Doctor is still not sure what caused the dissection and in turned caused the Heart Attack, he has put this device on her to wear until he figures things out. Of course now, because she has to wear this, she is not able to drive until it is removed, because it may go off in the middle of driving.

Its a small price to pay for saving ones life! She gets to wear it for 3 months and then re-evaulated the situation and see if she still has to continue to wear it.

There is other good news but I will let her tell that part! Stay tuned!!



My sister has been following along with the post that I have written about her. One of the things she texted me about yesterdaty was whether or not I had a video up about the life vest that she now has to wear. My thoughts were, there is a video? Heck I will go in a put it u for sure, didn’t know that there was one.

So on my sister’s behalf here is the video explaining about how the life vest works!


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